A Union of Professionals



The Warwick Teachers’ Union, Local 915, AFT (American Federation of Teachers) is a professional union that represents over nine hundred educational and special service professionals that the City of Warwick employs.

Over the years the WTU has developed its dual role as a strong and effective trade union and an experienced professional educational organization. The WTU has been a charter member of the AFT since 1946 and the exclusive bargaining agent for its members since the 1960s. We are also affiliated with the Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals (RIFTHP), the Providence Central Federated Council, and the Rhode Island AFL-CIO.


Welcome to the Warwick Teachers’ Union. Our membership includes more than nine hundred regularly appointed teachers who with distinction serve our students and our community.

Our Union primarily has two major goals. First, for our members we have the responsibility and obligation to seek the best possible collective bargaining agreement that will enable them in the most professional manner to continue to serve our students. Secondly, and equally as importantly, we play a critical role in helping to create the best possible educational system for our students and our community.

Now, more than ever, society relies upon teachers and public schools to serve as the foundation of the community. Through the creativity of our teachers we have established and maintained collaborative efforts aimed at school improvement, increased student achievement, and genuine public engagement.

We believe that given the opportunity, the Warwick School Committee, the school administration, parents, and elected officials can and will formulate a true partnership with the Warwick Teachers’ Union. With such a partnership, we can speak with a unified voice to advocate for quality education, great schools, and student success. A leadership team with a focused effort on common themes, mutual respect, and trust is beneficial to our community in general and to our students in particular.

Not only in our words but also in our actions the Warwick Teachers’ Union is a progressive and reform-minded organization dedicated to the teaching profession and quality public schools.

This Web site, therefore, will serve as a communication vehicle that will enable all interested parties to be fully informed about the accomplishments, goals, and activities of this Union.




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